ELKHART, Ind. — A breakfast open house this morning at TaigMarks Inc., 223 S. Main St., officially launched a new business alliance formed by Spearhead Sales & Marketing, and TaigMarks.

More than 20 representatives from area businesses attended the open house that featured a series of brief presentations about different services provided by each agency, as well as a brief presentation about The Whale Hunters, national consultants focused on closing bigger deals with “whale size” customers in business-to-business sales.

The alliance, announced earlier this month, synthesizes the particular strengths of the three agencies into “a unique village of sales and marketing expertise that has been constructed to do one thing and one thing only: create a marketing environment to help generate business-to-business and dealer based sales,” said Chad Root, president of Spearhead.

“Too often, marketing and sales operations just don’t synchronize the way they should,” said Root. “Marketing needs to be judged on how effectively it supports sales, and sales needs to make more effective use of marketing.”

“What we like about this alliance is that it’s all about results,” said Steve Taig, president of TaigMarks. “Whether it’s building a corporate brand, producing brochures or generating public relations exposure, the overarching goal is to help the client make more sales.”

Presentations by the different firms encouraged businesses to use the SM-art sales and marketing workshops offered by the alliance. The workshops are for businesses wanting clear direction for sales and marketing initiatives. It includes a “no charge” guarantee if the session is not deemed helpful.

“That’s another thing that is different about us,” said Root. “We want to be held accountable. We don’t want companies to spend their money on consultants that tell them what they already know, or for pretty brochures and ads that nobody reads. If we’re not giving clients a good return on investment, we’re not doing the job.”

Other presentations included a look at branding and what it can do, the effective use of web-based communications, and “Office Autopilot,” an automatic contact management system.

“We were very pleased with the turnout,” said Root. “It allowed us to get to know a number of people and what they’re looking for in the way of sales and marketing help. All the agency partners are very excited about moving forward with what we’ve introduced.”