ELKHART, Ind. —Elkhart County sales and marketing executives are being invited to either of two free “Elkhart Rebound” informative luncheons at the offices of Spearhead Sales & Marketing, 223 S. Main St., Wednesday, Dec. 7 and Dec. 14. Each of the luncheons will offer the same agenda from 11:30 a.m. to 1 p.m. EST.  The sessions are designed for executives to take away simple and effective tools to help with sales and marketing planning and program management.

“Elkhart County has gained national attention for cutting unemployment in half,”
said Spearhead President Chad Root. “”We also know there is still a ways to go as the overall economy remains sluggish. As our economy picks up, Elkhart businesses need to be doing the right things to maximize sales and bring more economic prosperity to our area.”

To address this concern, Spearhead is taking the initiative to develop what Root says will be an ongoing series of free lunch sessions open to interested area executives under the banner of “Elkhart Rebound.”

“The luncheons will help sales and marketing management focus on what really needs to be done to get results from sales and marketing resources in this challenging time,” said Root. “We’re stepping up because sales growth in companies of all kinds is what is really needed to secure Elkhart’s economic future.”

Spearhead has provided hands-on management services since 2006, and has worked with dozens of business models across a variety of industries. “What we call the Spearhead ‘village’ of companies knows first hand what drives sales, and a couple stats explain why a better sales approach is often crucial: the average sales person spends only 22 percent of his or her time selling, and 88 percent of sales leads are never followed up. Spearhead will help identify the reasons for these types of facts and outline strategies for improvement,” said Root.

“Looking long term, the next decade promises to be very lucrative for well-positioned companies. Now is the time for Elkhart companies to get the future into perspective and lay out their short- and long-term sales and marketing direction. How will they support sales and marketing for 2012? What investments will they make?

“With these questions in mind, our sessions will look at the issues that growing companies need to be addressing and provide insights into how they can maximize sales potential in 2012.”

Spearhead’s “village” marketing partner, TaigMarks of Elkhart, will be on hand to share their expertise on brand messaging construction and communication, and the development of effective web tools.

 “We’re offering these helpful, informative sessions in a format where executives from Elkhart businesses can gather and interact with each other. We have invited a number of executives whom we expect to attend. Executives from other growing companies are welcome as well, but seating is limited so they should get their reservations in soon. Again, there is no cost and lunch will be provided.”

Executives wishing to attend either session of Elkhart Rebound should contact Chad Root at 574-606-4243 or visit http://www.elkhartrebound.com, where a registration form and more information about Spearhead and its marketing partners may be found.