About US

Spearhead Sales and Marketing is a full-service B2B marketing agency that walks alongside the client to provide exceptional marketing strategy based on the company’s purpose and mission. Our team has found the keys that work to get the clients better campaigns and results. From strategy to content curation to production, we handle all aspects of marketing and advertising! And with our team of web developers and graphic designers, we know what it takes to have SEO that works which sets us apart from the competition.



Maximum, Sustainable Impact

We show up every day with a passion for developing relationships on behalf of our clients. It’s important because relationships create opportunities. Opportunities turn into sales, profits and healthy growth. When that growth is managed wisely, everyone wins including company owners, managers, employees, contractors, and suppliers. The ripple effect on their families and their communities brings meaning to our work.


Every client has a relationship building and conversion system that works.

We automate those things that are most critical to a healthy business, like relationship development and sales. Ironically developing relationships and converting sales is often the least automated area of most companies. We’re on a mission to change that.

Automation alone doesn’t produce results. It needs to be injected with creativity and professional communications. The marriage of creativity and automation is the heart of our slogan – “We Put Creativity to Work.


  • Process beats heroics
  • Continuous improvement – never stop growing
  • Clarity comes first
  • Challenging the status-quo
  • Working with transparent intentions and genuine teamwork
  • Personal and professional freedom
  • Everyone has creative potential

Application of Our Values

“We’ve got this.” – We are committed to making a difference and doing what is best for our clients in the long run. We will stick with a mission through thick and thin.

“Collaboration over negotiation.” – Rather than a cold, transactional style of business, we work with transparent intentions and genuine teamwork based on respect, collaboration, commitment, and responsibility so that both our clients and our team have the freedom to do their best.

“Hide nothing.” – Our standard operating procedure is to bill all the time and expense for determining project parameters and then track and bill all time and expenses (with markup to cover admin) on a monthly basis. Once a project is clearly defined we will commit to a project budget and not bill beyond it unless the scope has changed.


Chad Root

Chad Root


Diana Evans

Diana Evans

Creative Director