Got Questions? We’ve Got Answers!

What measurable results can you expect from our system?
  • A Number of new and/or deeper relationships with existing clients, referrals sources, and new leads. The number required is determined by using the ROI calculator in our workshop when you set your goals. We design the system from there to achieve the results. There are behavioral triggers that we will show you in the marketing automation software which contacts are paying attention. This “attention” is a leading indicator of success so you will have real-time visibility of progress.
  • Revenue and gross margin through deal coaching and ongoing reviews with Rick and/or myself depending on the need. We expect to pursue all low hanging fruit right away so that you have the funds to build out the sustainable system you’re going to need.
  • Reputation is less of a number and more of an “energy bar” related to the enthusiasm for your brand and what you stand for. Ultimately this drives everything forward. Our featured work is full of examples of this.
What tangible components will be in place if you stop using our system?
  • After 6-months you will have a fully functional, integrated sales and marketing system that includes:
    • A marketing database with automated marketing forms, tags, groups, messaging sequences and reporting.
    • An “offer” calendar for at least the next 12 months
    • An updated website that funnels leads into the automated marketing forms and also integrates with re-targeting ads, social media (including LinkedIn updates) and a methodology for understanding and acting on Google analytics.
    • A promotional calendar that fits your budget and goals (email, direct mail, events, speaking engagements, advertising, etc)
    • A sales process including deal coaching and sales best practices (including organizational development recommendations)
  • With or without Spearhead, your business will be more sustainable and more valuable with a system like this in place.
What time commitment will you have?
  • Workshop prep – 3 to 6 hours; one time
  • Workshop – 3 to 4 hours for each participant; one time
  • Monthly: RACE (Review, Adjust, Commit, Execute) meetings monthly for 2 hours; at least for the first 6 months. This can be stretched out if things are running along smoothly but it depends on your appetite and pace. You’ll find that there are two levels of adjustment: 1. Project execution details, 2. Are we working on the right tasks?
How can one company do all these things?

Great question. We have aligned the expertise of independent consultants, a web company and a marketing agency into a single relationship building process that grows companies. Our objective is to grow companies so we have bundled specialized services so our clients get the impact they are looking for.

What if my company already has a process for integrating web, marketing and sales?

We seek to complement and improve a company’s existing systems, not reinvent the wheel. When companies are already operating at a sophisticated level, we simply connect the dots to our system and plug in.

Is this mostly for companies without a VP of Marketing or VP of Sales and Marketing?

No. Certainly our turn-key resources are great in this situation. However, we have many clients with full executive teams and even marketing departments. All companies have the opportunity to grow and adapt. We dovetail our services to match each client’s unique situation.When our client does not have a senior manager for either sales or marketing, we seek to help them define and fill this role (especially sales). On staff leadership is critical to making sure that a company lives out their brand on a daily basis.

Can I buy just one service or item? Say, I only want a website or an e-mail campaign?

Yes. We simply precede the project with a basic SM-art Brand Analysis so that our work is On Target. We agree on a budget up front and proceed through to the planning stage where we design a scope, cost and schedule that fits your needs. By running projects through Spearhead you ensure big picture impact (On Target) and can count on our On Time and On Budget promise.

Can we do some or all of the marketing projects ourselves?

Yes, as long as they are effective. Following the framework of our system will eventually get you to a better place because it will take you in the right direction. The more effective each marketing communication is, the faster you’ll get there.