LinkedIn Targeted
Sales Generator

Our LinkedIn Targeted Sales Generator™ helps B2B sales professionals and business owners develop relationships FROM LinkedIn, not ON LinkedIn.

It’s better than programs that only offer “Selling on LinkedIn” tactics because it puts the seller in the best position to get-to-know, provide guidance and create pre-sale value for their target buyers.



List Building

This is the perfect solution for industry association lists, old show leads, old Rolodex and CRM takeovers, old business card stacks and most importantly, lists of ideal target clients!

While Account Based Marketing (ABM) is all the rage, we’ve sifted through the hipe and created the LinkedIn Targeted Sales Generator.™

Viability Assessment

We’ve put our solution to the test. We have surveyed dozens of our client’s sales staff, utilized other LinkedIn selling systems (both successfully and unsuccessfully) and personally experienced the promise and peril of developing new relationships on LinkedIn with this system.

It’s from this, we realize the need to share and serve people better both on and especially off of LinkedIn with a successful process.

From Our Clients

Our clients confirm it. Since launching our pilot program, we have made 1,000s of new connections between our client’s salespeople and people that match their target buyer profiles. When these connections are taken off of LinkedIn and into personalized emails, discovery calls and other more natural modes of communication, relationships grow.