Sales Enablement Workshop

Sales and Marketing Working Together.

How to Use Digital Marketing to Automatically Create Sales Opportunities

The digital landscape requires a lot of relevant content, in the right place, at the right time, in order to engage customers along their buying journey. It’s critical to have traffic and conversion metrics in place for both existing contacts and strangers to ensure full funnel effectiveness and efficiency. Following our program will enable you to produce more results, faster, with superior lead follow-up, timely salesperson involvement and continuous improvement of your system.

Learn and Take Action On:

  • How salespeople can contribute to marketing content
  • How marketing content attracts interested leads
  • How lead follow-up sequences can be automated with content and notifications to and from sales
  • How to leverage multi-media
  • How to leverage many channels including Google, social media, press, other websites, guest blogs, print ads, trade-shows, direct mail, speaking engagements, etc.

Your Facilitator

A Passion for the Sales Profession

Chad Root founded Spearhead Sales and Marketing in 2006 as the age of digital marketing was taking off. A true believer in the impact successful companies have on families and communities, it became his passion to “Put Creativity to Work” by creating automated systems for sales and marketing that would help companies produce more predictable results.

“Chad practices what he preaches. He has stayed in touch with us ever¬†since he started Spearhead. We recently scheduled a workshop so he could show us how to take more control over lead generation. He brought us right up to speed on how we can quickly benefit from the digital world we live in.”

– Al Farina, Intec Sales, Representing Plastics Processing Equipment Companies

Full-Funnel Impact!

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